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Born in France, I am now based in Cardiff, Wales, working as a mixed media artist and facilitator, with a strong focus on exploring one’s journey through life. I have spent much of my life travelling around the world, meeting people from all sorts of backgrounds, developing connections and embracing their personal stories and experiences. From this, I have found enriching opportunities to celebrate these memories and creatively voice them by using a variety of art media such as painting, embroidery, three-dimensional modelling, upcycled sculpture, photography, and more.


Being a curious and bold artist, I find that combining unusual materials together enables growth and adds natural depth to the story that is being told through the work. I have been described as a visual storyteller, capable of creating art inspired by one’s memories whilst still allowing the art piece to be open enough to interpretation, encouraging connection with the public.


Experimenting through mixed-media has also allowed me to understand how to adapt materials and produce sensory-based artworks suitable for making the art world more accessible. I have developed skills working closely alongside young people with various needs, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Social, Emotional and Behavioural Disorders (SEBD) and Visual Impairments, to ensure they can access creative classes that are designed to have a positive impact on their wellbeing. Additionally, I am learning British Sign Language (BSL) to build a closer connection with those who identify as D/deaf and Hard-of-hearing and enable myself to further support young people within their creative journey, without communication barriers.

Shan Iliffe is an English and French speaking Creative Practitioner and LSA, based in Cardiff, UK. Fresh in the field, Shan has already expanded her work in various location across South Wales from being an active facilitator for charitable organisations such as Taking Flight Theatre and Green Squirrel, to assisting in the opening of a unique independent school in the heart of Cardiff.

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