Art Portfolio

Community Arts

These are specific art projects that local communities have participated in creating with me.

Creative Access Resource -

National Museum of Wales, 2021

Connections: Nature, Growth and Wellbeing -

GARTH (Gwent Arts in Health) 2020

Hansel, Gedeon and the Grimm's Wood -

Hijinx Theatre, 2018

Art Facilitation

These projects include a mixture of university work experiences and professional facilitation workshops in a variety of settings.

Ysgol Y Deri, Penarth,


Marlborough Primary School, Cardiff, 2019-2020

Taking Flight Youth Theatre, Cardiff, 2021

Personal Projects

A selection of personal projects and trainings done over the years to explore my artistic interests and identity.


Classical Art Training, 2017 - 2018

Travel Photography,

2017 - 2020

Landscape Embroidery,

2020 - 2021